Karen Hill Tribe Silver Jewellery

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Karen Hill Tribe Handcrafted Silver Flower Drop Necklace by Miyabi

Karen Hill Tribe Handcrafted Silver Flower Drop Necklace

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Karen Hill Tribe Jewellery

This beautiful silver jewellery is hand crafted by the Karen Hill tribe found in Northern Thailand. Each piece of silver jewellery is individually handmade and created with fine detail. Karen silver jewellery is unique, in that it contains 99% silver, where silver jewellery in general only contains 92.5% silver (925).

Karen jewellery is only produced by the 'Karen Hill Tribe' who have been crafting this silver for more than two thousand years, where it is respected for its simplicity and beauty. The Karen Hill tribe believe that powerful energy resides in all natural phenomenon and so many designs are inspired by nature such as fish, insects, and flowers. Traditionally the Karen wear these pieces as amulets to ward off demons. although on special occasions such as a birth or marriage silver jewellery is used for gifts and dowries.

By purchasing Karen Hill Tribe jewellery, you are supporting the sustainability of the Karen people by giving them confidence in their ability to produce goods and earn money in a locally supported and sustainable manner.

Luna Tree and Miyabi work with the Karen Hill tribes men and women to bring their beautiful jewellery to us here at Natural Creations, helping them reach a wider market and keep their traditions alive for another 1000 years.

View images of how the Karen Hill Tribe silver jewellery is made and learn about the Tribe Here

Silver Hallmarks

All Karen Hill Tribe Jewellery from Luna Tree weighing over 7.78g's are Hallmarked in accordance with Trading Standards and the Hallmarking act of 1973. The hallmarked items bear three stamps; LTJ, for Luna Tree Jewellery, 999, which relates to the 99.9% purity of the silver and an anchor symbol, which is the mark of the Birmingham Assay office which carries out all sample purity testing & Hallmarking for Luna Tree Jewellery.

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