Caring for your Jewellery

General Jewellery Care

Take your jewellery off when cleaning, to avoid contact with household chemicals, such as chlorine bleach - they can discolour or damage your jewellery mountings. Beauty products can also affect jewellery, so put your jewellery on after you have used your perfume and hairspray. Take off your jewellery before doing rough manual work as well or when playing sports. Stones could be knocked loose or chipped by a hard blow. Never go swimming or use hot tubs in your jewellery, as chlorine can cause damage.

Silver Jewellery

To clean silver jewellery we suggest using a silver cloth with a gentle rub time to time this will keep your silver looking clean and bright at all times. For silver jewellery which needs more attention or has hard to reach places such as chains, rings and brooches we suggest using Silver Sparkle Dip. However care must be taken not to polish the stones and for softer stones such as turquoise, Lapiz Lazuli, coral, Amber and opals in particular, these must to be kept away from any moisture, and must not be used with silver dip.

To keep your jewellery looking bright and new, always store each item in separate boxes or the compartments of your jewellery box. Otherwise, wear your jewellery as often as possible, if it's kept locked away, it can lose its brightness. Wearing it helps the metals retain their lustre, and being out-and-about helps keep them bright!



As an Organic substance they require a little care and attention. Always remember when getting dressed your pearls must be your last thing to put on, and the first thing to be taken off. This will minimise the contact with perfume, cosmetics and hairspray, as products like these can damage the stones’ luster.

Pearls can be cleaned using a very mild detergent and water solution, and a soft cloth. Avoid chemicals or strong soapy cleaners and abrasive cloths and do not leave the pearls to soak. When clean, allow your pearls to air dry completely on a flat surface. If you have a string of pearls, we advise you get them re-strung every 1-2 years depending on how often you wear them.

Pearls should be worn alone, if worn with other jewellery such as gold or silver chains, they may be scratched or damaged. When storing your pearls keep them in a soft material, such as velvet, silk or satin. Never store them in a sealed plastic bag or container as pearls are a natural product and need to breath, avoid extreme temperatures.

The best thing in the world for preserving the gleam in your pearls is the natural oil in your skin. We recommend you wear your little treasures as often as possible.


Amber is a natural product, it still breathes & interacts with the environment. The color may change over time—this is expected & contributes to the unique, intensely individual nature of amber. Because amber is a soft stone, care should be taken, to make sure it does not come in contact with hard or sharp surfaces. It can also be easily scratched so please keep away from other pieces of jewellery.

To clean your amber use a warm, damp soft cloth and gently wipe the surface, never use soaps or detergents. If luster is a concern, simply apply a tiny drop of olive oil & rub with soft cloth. "Less is more" with the olive oil.


Costume Jewellery

Like all jewellery, a little care and attention will extend the life of your favorite necklace or bracelet. Clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent with water if required, rinse with clean water and buff with a soft cloth.

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